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Picture of Biobin being emptied at a vinyard

Japanese Biobin

Biobin air circulation unit

Biobin Pty Ltd

The Biobin boasts the following five design aspects:

  • The collection system satisfies all Bio-Security requirements between properties.
  • All odours are removed or significantly reduced.
  • Fly and rodent contamination is eliminated.
  • All Occupational Health and Safety issues are addressed for the handling of decomposing chickens.
  • Unwanted disease and bacteria are eliminated.

Biobin Videos The system provides a cost-effective alternative to landfill disposal for organic wastes generated from a variety of facilities.

Tony Stacey Management Consulting

Business Management
The complexity of business today requires a team of selected professionals to provide accurate and timely advice to management.

No one person holds all the answers. Tony Stacey Management Consulting works closely with organisations to gain an appreciation of the culture so it can either provide the required services and advice or introduce specialist consultants to assist plug organisational gaps. These may occur in accounting, marketing, legal, computing, investment, etc. People must feel comfortable working with people so a match is identified to allow development of personal relationships based on integrity, professional ability & qualifications and commitment.

This is an important service that offers people in decision making roles an opportunity to confidentially discuss ideas or issues and to improve the decision making. Tony Stacey has a diverse background of experiences and contacts in government, business and the not for profit sector. Some 300 people have received mentoring support from Tony Stacey Management Consultants, including:

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Fundraisers
  • Small Business Proprietors

Professional services for organisations seeking to raise more funds.
Tony Stacey is a professional fundraiser with membership of the Fundraising Institute Australia and the Association of Development and Alumni Professionals in Education for more than a decade.


Hospitality, Tourism and Events
Study at SITE academy which offers a number of study options to advance diploma level with articulation/credit transfer agreement with several australian universities.

Visual Arts
Study at Adelaide Central School of Art, one of Australi's most successful independent visual art schools offering academic awards up to master of visual art level.

Film Making for Youth
Directing the Hero Within is one of Australia's largest multi platform digital storytelling project for young people, including video workshops, teacher professional development, training DVD, Teacher Curriculum Guide, interactive website and Youth Media Festivals. Through hands-on digital storytelling "Directing the Hero Within" invites young people to creatively claim their future.

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Innovation Plus

Innovation Plus = Leadership - Management - Governance

Innovation Plus is a business management consultancy. Innovation Plus assists businesses and organisations in developing and implementing business management systems that are designed to enhance performance and add value. Systems and processes are designed for better work practices. Strategic and business plans are prepared with measurable outcomes. The majority of Innovation Plus services involve developing and implementing elements of quality management and continuous improvement principles.

Using Innovation Plus can help your business or organisation to improve and change attitudes with regard to competitiveness and business climate; increasing and improving your business productivity; and monitoring your public sector to make it more efficient and effective to be more responsive to contemporary business expectations.

Innovation Plus has experience in working across private enterprises, government offices and agencies, industry peak bodies and associations, not-for-profit and community groups.

Assisting organisations to realise their objectives:

  • Training & development
  • Corporate capacity
  • Organisational development
  • Quality management principles
  • Business excellence
  • Cultural diversity
Quality management
  • Auditing
  • ISO 9001:2000
  • Australian Business Excellence Framework
  • Unique quality systems based on local circumstances
Continuous Improvement
  • Underpinning frameworks
  • Strategically aligned to organisational objectives
  • How this contributes to business performance
Process Improvements
  • Flowcharts
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Process based approach to improvements
Change Management
  • Change Agent
  • Work environment (culture change)
  • Customer focus & satisfaction
Training & Development
  • Aged Care Accreditation requirements
  • Legal Profession - Quality Law (LAW9000)
  • Understanding compliance with legislation
  • Team building
  • Facilitation
Business & Strategic Planning
  • Planning, setting and developing goals, objectives and strategies
  • Alignment to corporate goals and objectives
  • Alignment to vision and mission statements
Review and Evaluation
  • Data analysis
  • Results and outcomes (business & customers)
  • Measurement
  • Policies and Procedures
Systems Integration
  • Best practice standards
  • Alignment of day-to-day operation practices with corporate goals
  • Performance against recognised quality standards